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About Cryo Studio Sarasota


In 2018 Alberto and Kristi founded Cryo Studio Sarasota with the goal to help as many of their clients achieve their body goals. What they quickly realized was that they could help a lot more people than just their clients, it is then when Alberto dove deep into studying protocols, skin types, types of fat, lifestyle habits and other useful information to help people transform their bodies. Shortly after that Artemis Distribution (the company that distributes Cryoskin in the US), contacted Alberto and offered that Cryo Studio Sarasota Would become a training facility for them in ealry 2019. Fast forward a couple of years and now Cryo Studio Sarasota has become the number one non-invasive body contouring studio in South West Florida. We have trained and helped over 700 retailers nationwide, we have performed over 4,000 treatments and helped hundreds of clients achieve their body goals. All of these are done with non-invasive treatments for fat reduction, skin tightening, skin toning, cellulite treatments, and pressotherapy for lymphatic drainage. 

Alberto is also now the owner of Cryo Studios International, the exclusive distributor for Pagani's medical and esthetic devices in Switzerland and South America. 

At Cryo Studio Sarasota we customize protocols of each body type and skin type, based on each individual's goals. To accomplish this we look at skin type, skin elasticity, type of fat, and density of the fat, once we look at these and other factors we customize a treatment plan which can include Cryo Slimming, Cryo Toning, Cryo Tissue Stimulation, and/or pressotherapy. Cryo Studio Sarasota only focuses on Cryoskin treatments, and when you can focus on one type of Cryotherapy you will not only become and expert at it but the leading authority in it.

Cryoskin is perfect for people who are active and have a healthy diet because realistically speaking we all are not going to have six packs or perfect bodies, and we all have parts of our body that we would like to improve.  Some people call it vanity, but Alberto and Kristi believe that we can always improve our lives, our bodies and our health. There is no better boost of confidence than feeling and looking good, and that is what they have set out to do. 

Expert treatments, Cryo Studio Sarasota is the only facility in the US that has performed over 4,000  treatments, our vast knowledge and experience is what will make the difference in your results. Any retailer, spa, clinic or studio that wants to ad cryoskin to their services has to come to Cryo Studio Sarasota for training. If you want to transform your body come and see the experts. 

Click on the link below to listen to our interview

Alberto owner  Master Trainer Cryoskin Technician

Cyroskin interview.mp3
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