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Alberto and Kristi founded Sarasota Tennis and Fitness 11 years ago. Both have a great passion for tennis, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Alberto played tennis on the ATP professional tour playing Futures and Challengers around the world, after a few grueling years traveling on the professional tour, Alberto went to earn a bachelor's degree in finance and business administration from Florida Gulf Coast University where he played on the tennis team after earning a full Scholarship for tennis.

Kristi  earned her bachelor's degree from University of Central Florida and has certifications in IFPA, Ignite 360, TRX, & ViPR training. With a passion for tennis and fitness, Kristi wants to motivate her clients in their journey to stay fit and healthy. Everyone has an inner athlete inside of them and its Kristi's objective to help you pursue those goals. Kristi handles all of the fitness training for Sarasota Tennis and Fitness customers. 

When Kristi and Alberto learned about Cryoskin from their friend Brian at Chill Therapy in Tampa, they were a bit hesitant at first, because well….honestly people hear about losing weight, burning fat and magic pills everyday and it sounded too good to be true. It took some convincing but after a few months of research and after going to Tampa to see and try cryoskin, they were so blown away by the efficacy of the treatments and the incredible results, that they knew that these new cryoskin treatments were a great complement to add to their Tennis and Fitness business, as their clients would see even better results. That is why Cryo Studio Sarasota only focuses on Cryoskin treatments, and when you can focus on one type of Cryotherapy you will not only become and expert at it, but the leading authority in it.

Cryoskin is perfect for people who are active and have a healthy diet because realistically speaking we all are not going to have six packs or perfect bodies, and we all have parts of our body that we would like to improve.  Some people call it vanity, but Alberto and Kristi believe that we can always improve our lives, our bodies and our health. There is no better boost of confidence than feeling and looking good, and that is what they have set out to do. Help customers feel and look better with a combination of Tennis and/or Fitness, and Cryoskin. 

Our Cryoskin Certified staff, are highly trained, and specialized on the best techniques to produce the best results possible. 

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Corner of US 41 and Datura. 
2100 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota FL 34239