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According to popular fitness app Strava, which analyzed data from 98.3 million uploaded fitness activities, each year on the third Sunday of January you are most likely to quit your New Years Resolution!

Quitter's day this year 2021 falls on January 17th. Staying motivated is one of the oldest and biggest problems in fitness and health. In order to stay healthy, feel good, release endorphins, and achieve your body goals (whichever they may be) we need to keep going. Remember that every change will take time and all the little things you do day in and day out will add up to your overall goal. We are here to remind you to not be a Quitter (unless you are a smoker of course) keep going, stay motivated, and make 2021 your best year yet. Here is a quick tip, if you find you lack motivation or need help for someone to push you, find a friend, partner, or family member to keep you accountable. If you have to be accountable it is much harder to quit.

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